Beer Equipment Hardware Common to Draft Beer Dispensers and Long Draw Beer Systems

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Hardware Common to Draft Beer Dispensers & Long Draw Systems

There are several pieces of hardware common to keg beer delivery systems.

  • A gas canister (usually CO2) to pressurize and push the beer through the lines.
  • A tap to attach to the keg.
  • A regulator to set the correct gas pressure.
  • Faucets and towers to fill the glasses.
  • Cleaning equipment to help clear the lines and assure sanitary beer delivery.

CO2 Cylinders For Draft Beer Dispensers

CO2 tanks for beer dispensing sold by Rapids Wholesale

Beer Taps - Keg Couplers

  • There are many types of taps, often called couplers.
  • The tap attaches to the keg and has a system of valves and washers that allow the CO2 gas to pressurize the keg which then forces the beer out through the coupler into the beer line.

Beer Taps - Specialty Taps

There are taps that have special purposes – too many to cover in this presentation – but one common type is the picnic pump.

  • A picnic pump is a tap that attaches to the keg like any other, but it has a hand operated air pump to replace the pressurized CO2 and a faucet attached to dispense the beer.
  • The beer inside a keg that is tapped with a picnic or bronco pump only has about 24 hours or less before it will go stale. This is due to the fact that the manual pump uses oxygen or air from the outside and Introducing oxygen via a manual pump will quickly cause the beer to become stale and the flavor to rapidly change.

CO2 Regulators For Beer Dispensing

The regulator controls the amount of gas pressure that enters the keg.

  • Too much pressure causes foamy beer.
  • Too little pressure causes flat beer.

May 27, 2016 1:59:36 AMDifferent Types of CO2 Regulators

  • Just as there are several types of taps, there are several types of CO2 regulators.
  • Single gauge regulators measure the amount of pressure in the beer lines.
  • Double gauge regulators measure line pressure, but also measure the pressure left in the CO2 bottle.
  • Regulators can be wall mounted or threaded right onto the CO2 bottle

Beer Lines

Beer line sold by Rapids WholesaleWe mentioned beer lines briefly when we discussed beer systems. Beer lines are the tubes that the pressurized beer flows through from the keg to the faucet. Beer line is available in many sizes and the choice is based on:

  • The type of beer.
  • The distance it must travel.
  • The gas pressure available to push the beer through the line.
  • Please ask for assistance in determining the size of line for any given application.

The Beer Faucet

The faucet is the delivery point for the beer system. Faucets can be mounted in beer towers or wall mounted using shanks or tapping cabinets.

Beer Towers

May 27, 2016 2:14:04 AM

  • Beer towers are the most noticeable part of a beer system. Most sit on the front of the bar and there are many styles available
  • The choice of what tower to purchase is largely up to the customer’s needs and tastes.
  • Please note: some towers are designed exclusively for either glycol or air shaft cooling systems.

Beer Drip Trays

May 27, 2016 2:29:20 AMJun 3, 2016 11:08:17 PMMay 27, 2016 2:30:58 AM

The last common component to a beer delivery system is a drip tray. Though not technically a part of the beer system, drip trays carry the overflow and drips from the faucet to a holding bottle or drain.

Drip trays tend to be of three types:

  • Surface mounted beer drip trays.
  • Recessed or flush mount beer drip trays.
  • Wall Mount Beer Drip Tray.

Fittings and Tools Beer Dispensing Systems

  • There are hundreds of connections and fittings available ; sized to accomplish almost anything required to move beer from one location to another.
  • While most fittings and connectors are never replaced, washers are wear parts and need to be replaced frequently. You can find these wear parts at wholesale prices at Rapids Wholesale.

Other Common Beer Products

large selection of jockey boxes at Rapids Wholesale.

  • Jockey Box Coil coolers are another common beer product.Used outdoors or as a portable beer dispensing system, Jockey Box beer coolers mean you can serve quality, cold beer anywhere. Jockey Box beer cooler dispensers come in many sizes and two styles.
  • Beer Coil Jockey Box
  • Cold Plate Jockey Boxe
  • Keg Jackets or keg insulated blankets are necessary to help keep the beer cool for an outside beer distribution.

Packaged Beer Sales Draft Beer dispensers Draft Beer Long Draw System Common Beer Hardware Beer Line Cleaning
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