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Volition Horizontal Deep Well Bottle Cooler

Packaged Beer Sales

The easiest bar sales beer “system” is a cooler full of bottled or canned beer. Initially the investment is less expensive than draft systems, and these bottle boxes hold product cold and ready for sale.

Almost any refrigerator will work, however units designed for package sales are made of heavy True Glass Front Bottle Coolerduty components that stand up to the weight and abuse caused by large loads of cans and bottles. Some units will have solid or glass front doors, but most will be top loaded boxes. Large top loaded coolers can hold up to 1,000 cans or bottles.

Benefits of Top Loaded Beer Coolers

Top loaded coolers offer several advantages:

50" wide horizontal beer bottle cooler

  • Higher storage capacity for your beer inventory in the same square foot area vs. shelved systems since the beer cans or bottles are stacked.
  • No doors to swing out into the busy traffic area behind a bar. You bartender and servers movements are not hindered.
  • Less bending required by the bartender to retrieve the beer cans or bottles.

Benefits of Back Bar Beer Coolers

solid door back bar beer cooler

  • Solid-door back bar beer and beverage cabinets are a popular choice for lower volume beer pub establishments.
  • Shelves are used inside these units, and your beer cans and beer bottles are stored upright. Visually the display is easier to see your product, however upright storage results in there is more unused space resulting in less storage.
  • A back bar cabinet is a good choice to store chilled back stock or specialty / low volume beverage products in your establisment as well as food products such as drink condiments.

Pros and Cons of Glass Front Beverage Display Coolers

Back Bar Glass Front Beer cooler

  • Display Glass Front Beverage coolers are often used to highlight specialty or unique products.
  • The glass doors are attractive in a bar setting and better merchandise beverage products. Glass doors tend to be more expensive than solid doors.
  • The capacity of a display cooler tends to be far less than a comparably sized top load cooler.

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