Beer Bar and Pub Equipment Overview

Objectives of This Beer & Pub Tutorial

  • To develop an understanding of the types of beer delivery systems available.
  • To provide an overview of the hardware associated with each system.
  • To help develop confidence in recommending a system based on a clients needs.
  • To learn where to turn for assistance in system layout.
  • Beer is the number one dispensed beverage in the foodservice industry.
  • Commonly, draft beer is preferred by a wide margin for taste and product consistency.

Beer Bar Systems Equipment Overview

Several types of beer delivery systems are on the market, we will concentrate on:

  • Packaged Beer Sales (Can and bottled beer)
  • Draft Beer Cooler Dispensers (Draft beer from a keg box)
  • Long Draw System (Draft beer delivered from Kegs kept in a different location than the taps)
  • Draft Beer Hardware Common to Draft Beer Cooler Dispensers and Long Draw Systems
  • Beer System Line Cleaning

Packaged Beer Sales Beer Cooler Dispensers Draft Beer Long Draw System Common Beer Hardware Beer Line Cleaning
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