Bacon Appetizers For A Successful Party - National Bacon Day December 30th

A Bacon Celebration

National Bacon Day is December 30th. This should not be confused with International Bacon Day which is celebrated on September 2nd. Quite frankly we would be happy to celebrate Bacon day 365 days out of the year.

A Bacon celebration means a party, and a party means food. If the party is to celebrate Bacon, then obviously the food must have bacon in it. Throw in a Kevin Bacon movie or two and now you have a themed party that everyone is going to love

The Bacon Movies

Kevin started his career in 1978 appearing in "National Lampoon's Animal House", from there he was cast in the drama Diner and then the classic "Footloose". Since then Kevin has starred in many films in including some noteworthy blockbusters such as "A Few Good Men" and "Apollo 13". We have no desire to make an enemy by telling you which are the best Kevin Bacon Movies, or which Kevin Bacon Movies you should show at your Bacon Party. Check out where you can see his movies ranked by public opinion. If you do not like how they are ranked, you can weigh in yourself.

The Bacon Appetizers For Your Bacon Party

We searched the internet for easy to prepare, but delicious bacon appetizers. We found plenty and since they all had bacon, they were all very good. The taste testing was great fun, but we had to pare this down to just a few recipes for your party. We chose what we considered those that mostly closely met two our two parameters. 1) Tasty 2) Easy to prepare. Grab yourself some sheet pans (we just happen to have those on sale at Rapids), and lets get cooking.

Bacon Wrapped Crackers

Let's start with Ree Drummond's Bacon Wrapped Crackers. The Pioneer Woman claims these appetizers "Bridge gaps and promote world peace". We tried, them and we agree. At the very least, these are dangerously addictive! They are absurdly easy to make. What's not to love. Check out the recipe at The Pioneer Woman's Blog page.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

These are so Delicious. Sweet Medjool dates that are stuffed with Cream Cheese & Almonds, then wrapped with bacon. Sweet and Salty, with a crisp bacon outside and the inside is cheese that melts in your mouth. This recipe comes from none other than Emeril Lagasse. They are easy to make, but are such a refined and beautiful Hor D Oeuvre, you are certain to wow your Bacon Party guests with this jewel of a recipe!

Bacon & Cheese Puff Pastry Straws

Casual yet elegant, or maybe I should say elegant, yet casual?. Puff pastry and bacon is always a good combination, but Tieghan Gerard a young, but very talented cook with a food blog titled "Half Baked Harvest" has taken the combo to the next level and then some! We were blown away with this recipe. Delicious, easy to make and these bacon twists make a stunning presentation. It's a fact, if our food looks good, it tastes good! These Sweet and Savory Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry Twists look great and taste even better than they look!

Hot Bacon & Crab Dip

You have to have a dip at a party. It's a requirement right? This hot dip from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board will blow you and your guests away. Serve it hot with crackers, or with celery sticks! There are plenty of recipes for hot Bacon and Crab dip out there. What makes this recipe unique and in our mind better than the rest is the use of Parmesan Cheese as opposed to cheddar! Parmesan seems to be the perfect complement to crab and bacon. Rounding out the flavor profiles is just a little hot sauce for a little heat in the background of this creamy oh so very delicious bacon dip recipe.

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