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Setting Up Draft Coffee / Nitro Coffee Keg System

July 14, 2016 No comments
nitro coffee, how to set up draft coffee keg system Setting up a Draft Coffee Brew Keg Tap System in your Coffee Shop (or Home)

If you've found your way to this article, then you probably already know the benefits of serving your cold brew coffee via a draft beverage system. But just in case, let’s recap.

SHELF LIFE: Storing your cold brew in a keg, refrigerated and under pressure with nitrogen, extends the serving life of your coffee. It will stay fresh for up to three months, although the optimal recommended time to keep and serve is usually two weeks.

EFFICIENCY: Pull open a tap, draw the coffee into a glass, and you are done. It takes seconds! This is much simpler than locating the cold brew pitcher in your fridge, uncapping, pouring the drink, recapping and placing back in the fridge. You save labor.

TASTY, PRETTY, PROFITABLE! A nitro faucet adds a creamy texture with a foam top. You will find people that used to want cream added to their cold brew may change to drinking it black. Served in the right glass, it is truly beautiful to behold. As more of your customers try nitro coffee, you are going to create converts that are moving from a complicated drink to an efficient fast pour.

Parts Needed for Draft Coffee Keg System

Draft Beverage Dispenser (Kegerator)

Stainless Steel Nitro Faucet (for serving nitro coffee)

Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Faucet (for serving flat cold coffee)

Cornelius Keg (corny keg)

2 Coffee Lines 3/16”

2 Ball Lock or Pin Lock Disconnects

Two-Tap Draft Tower

Dual Body Nitrogen Gas Regulator

Gas Cylinder Tank for Coffee Dispensing

Putting Your Draft Coffee / Nitro Coffee Draft System Together

1) Set up your kegerator according to the installation instructions. Rapids suggests you use the Volition Kegerator VDD24. This unit is manufactured with longevity in mind. Constructed from solid steel, it is built for heavy duty commercial use and at a price point that is affordable. The VDD24 comes standard with a single tap tower. If you are just setting up for nitro coffee, this will be perfect with the addition of a stout faucet. If, however, you plan to serve both flat and nitro cold brew from your kegerator, you will need to purchase a two tap tower to replace the single.

Besides solid construction, The Volition Kegerator has a few features that will make this the perfect unit for pouring nitro coffee or flat cold brew:

Shelf inside the unit with a stability strap for holding your nitrogen gas canister.

Castors for ease of mobility

Draft tower cooled to top of tower (more efficient nitro pours)

1-1/2 inch foam insulation, Energy Star Rated

Access to condenser for cleaning and maintenance is easy

Built-in flush mount drip tray, directed to bottle inside kegerator

Glass rails on surface keep moist glasses from sliding off

5 year compressor warranty

2) Using a faucet wrench, attach your stout faucet or your forward sealing faucet to the draft tower.

3) Attach your draft tower to the top of the kegerator box with the screws provided.

4) If using a Volition Kegerator for your nitro coffee, you will need to run the cold air line from the inside of the kegerator up to the top of the tower and attach with the hook provided.

5) Have your gas tank filled with nitrogen gas.

6) Transfer your cold brew coffee into a clean and sanitized corny keg, using a hose to transfer from your cold brew tank. You want the transfer hose to reach the bottom of the keg so that you are filling the keg from the bottom up. When the keg is full, purge the air in the headspace of the keg by flushing it with nitrogen, then hook your nitrogen air up to the keg on the gas in-post and turn it on. Pull up quickly a couple of times on the pressure ring valve on the keg lid to allow air to escape.

7) Place the nitrogen gas cylinder in the kegerator. Attach the gas line to the gas in-post on your corny keg.

8) Attach the coffee line(s) from the tap(s) to a ball lock product-out quick disconnect.

9) Attach the quick disconnect to the coffee keg product-out post.

10) Place your coffee keg into the draft coffee dispenser (kegerator).

11) Connect the drip tray hose to the bottle catch inside the kegerator.

12) Draw your coffee!

For pouring nitro coffee, we suggest you use a flute beer glass. This will showcase the rich and varied dark hues and more importantly, the narrow body of the flute glass intensifies aromatics. The stem will also keep warm hands from warming the cold brew coffee.

perfect kegerator for nitro coffee keg system
two tap tower for nitro coffee keg system
Nitro Coffee Faucet with restrictor
Forward Sealng Faucet for Draft Coffee dispensing keg system
nitrogen gas regulator for nitro coffee keg system
Proper glass for serving nitro coffee enhances aromatics corny keg for nitro brew coffee keg system quick release for nitro coffee kegs

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