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A "Low Boy" By Any Other Name!

June 26, 2017 No comments

LowBoyLow-profile horizontal refrigerators and freezers go by a multitude of names, some of which tend to be regional. While many parts of the country call them a refrigerated equipment stand or simply a chef base, in the Midwest we often hear them referred to as a low boy. The term "low boy" is also used to refer to any low-profile refrigerator or freezer used in a commercial setting, including undercounters and worktop refrigerators. In fact, "low boy" can actually mean any refrigerator or freezer that is horizontal and low to the ground.

Prevent Ice Cube Contamination with a Saf-T-Scoop

June 8, 2017 No comments

Preventing Ice ContaminationIn a 2007 study by the Chicago Sun-Times, they found that almost 20% of the restaurants and hotel bars they tested in the Chicago area had high levels of fecal coliform in their ice. They also found that most of the ice bins that produced a positive result were ones that were used by waitstaff or were otherwise exposed.

Help ensure that this potentially hazardous contamination by waitstaff doesn’t occur at your restaurant or bar by purchasing a Saf-T-Scoop and Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy from Rapids Wholesale.

Crush your Summer Profits with a Commercial Snow Cone Machine

June 8, 2017 No comments

Commercial Snow Cone MachinesSummer is here, and that means soaring temperatures and customers eager to find a way to cool down. Make that decision a no-brainer for your customers by adding a commercial crushed ice maker to your restaurant, bar, or event booth.

The snow cone makers available at Rapids Wholesale come in two different styles, accommodating both business owners who want to blatantly advertise their machine, and those who want a maker that won’t take up much room behind-the-scenes.

Building a China Collection: Color-Matching with International Tableware

April 10, 2017 No comments

International Tableware (ITI) has a number of different off-white body colors for their dinnerware, including Bright White, European White, and American White. These colors are not the result of a pre-fire glaze – instead, they are the simply the color the clay becomes when it’s fired. This gives you a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to creating a dinnerware inventory that meets your needs, and you can rest assured that if your dishwasher accidentally breaks a ton of your plates, you will be able to order replacements without worrying about color.

The Difference Between A Jockey Box With A Cold Plate And A Jockey Box With A Coil

December 13, 2016 No comments

the difference between a coil and a cold plate jockey box or party coolerFor maximized quality and taste, it is imperative to serve your beer, wine, and cold brew coffee cold. This can be a challenge when you are trying to serve your beer or other beverages at a party, festival, or catered event away from your place of business. The solution: a party cooler (otherwise known as a jockey box).

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