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The Difference Between A Jockey Box With A Cold Plate And A Jockey Box With A Coil

December 13, 2016 No comments

the difference between a coil and a cold plate jockey box or party coolerFor maximized quality and taste, it is imperative to serve your beer, wine, and cold brew coffee cold. This can be a challenge when you are trying to serve your beer or other beverages at a party, festival, or catered event away from your place of business. The solution: a party cooler (otherwise known as a jockey box).

Volition Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

September 13, 2016 No comments

Find the level of quality you both expect and deserve in a refrigeration unit by choosing to add a Volition reach-in refrigerator or freezer to your restaurant.

Designed to withstand heavy duty commercial use, both the freezer and the refrigerator come in a 2-door and single door style, so you can choose the size that will work best with your kitchen’s current setup. Once the Volition product has been installed, you will immediately begin benefiting from the easy temperature control and superior performance, along with the many other valuable components.

Explore the Convenience of a Commercial Refrigerator with a Self-Cleaning Condenser

August 22, 2016 No comments

Take some of the hassle out of maintaining your commercial refrigeration products with Turbo Air. Turbo Air’s new refrigeration line(including reach-ins, undercounter units, prep tables, worktop units, chef bases,and more) now includes a self-cleaning condenser that takes convenience to a whole new level.

Condensers normally are cleaned only twice a year, and a lot of debris can build up over that time, reducing the efficiency of your condenser and possibly even causing your commercial refrigerator to break down. The self-cleaning condenser system works to prevent this strain on both your condenser and your budget by cleaning the condenser 2-3 times a day. It operates by using a rotating brush designed to move along the condenser coils automatically, which will remove any dust and other debris that has accumulated.

Increasing your Profits is Easy with a Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

August 19, 2016 No comments

Whether it’s seasoned curly fries with a hamburger dinner or cheese curds to snack on over a beer with friends, fried foods have been shown time and again to be a perfect addition to any meal. If you are in the food service industry, having fried foods on your menu is a great way to increase your profits and keep your customers wanting more.

As summer ends, state fairs and other festivals are also coming to a close, meaning your customers are going to be missing some of their favorite fair foods. Fill that void and try something new with your deep fat fryer using inspiration from some of the Iowa State Fair’s most beloved concoctions.

Expand your Menu with a Commercial Panini Press

August 12, 2016 No comments

The ability to quickly toast your sandwiches or wraps without needing a massive grill is an invaluable one, and allows you to increase the variety of your menu items without a ton of extra cost. Simply stick your regular sandwiches on a restaurant panini press, and voila, you have a new item your customers will love.

Commercial panini presses come with either flat or grooved plates to ensure your needs are met. The flat plates will give you a faster result with a more even distribution of both ingredients and heat, and the grooved plates will provide you with aesthetic grill marks, but may result in your ingredients not being as evenly distributed.

Start taking advantage of the many benefits offered by the commercial panini press today.

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