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Keg Stacker For Keg Storage & Transport

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SKU: 9D012
Item #: Devault Enterprises ICD 2000
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Quick Overview

Beer Keg Stacker

Heavy duty keg stacker for keg storage and for moving kegs to different locations in a properly stacked fashion. . Beer kegs, when stored, require proper stacking so that the beer's taste is not compromised.

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  • Keg Stacker For Keg Storage & Transport
  • Keg Stacker For Keg Storage & Transport
  • Keg Stacker For Keg Storage & Transport
  • Keg not included
  • Keg not included


Keg Stacker for Beer Keg Moving

Place keg spacers between stacked kegs for transport and storage.

Moving full beer kegs is a crucial part in the entire process of serving keg beer to customers. So much can go wrong when keg beer is transported that it is important to have the absolute best keg stacking equipment possible during the process. A keg can weigh as much 156 pounds making the dangerous weight one of the many reasons on the list to have them stacked proficiently. This keg spacer can handle the weight and is ideal for any ½ keg barrels or ¼ beer kegs in situations in need of stacking.

A Keg Stacker for Proper Keg Storage

Moving or storing beer barrels improperly can cause major problems to the quality of the beer that will eventually be served customers. Keg beer storage requires proper stacking to prevent negative effects to the beer taste including making the beer warm, causing excess unwanted foam to come out, and could cause damage making the beer difficult to pour. Using this keg spacer will not only prevent negative effects to the taste of the beer, it will also open up space and remove the danger of having improperly stacked heavy keg barrels.

Beer Keg Stackers for Saving Space

It goes without saying that beer keg stackers can efficiently help you save a lot of space in your storeroom. With our beer keg stackers available here at Rapids Wholesale, you can stock both empty and full kegs of beer while keeping your stock perfectly organized and bar space well utilized.

Aside from keg stackers, we at Rapids Wholesale also offer a wide selection of aluminum keg racks for those who have the luxury of larger storerooms or stockrooms. Depending on how large your storage space is or depending on how many beer kegs you need to store in any given time, you can choose from keg racks that can accommodate six, eight, or ten 1/2 beer barrels.

Devault ICD2000 Keg Spacer Details and Features

  • Keg stackers and spacers available here at Rapids Wholesale are designed for safe and efficient transport and storage of beer barrels and beer kegs
  • This particular keg stacker can help you properly stack up to three 1/4 keg barrels or two 1/2 beer kegs
  • Beer keg stackers help you save space and help maintain high quality beer for the customer’s satisfaction
  • Important note: purchase 10 keg racks and save 27 percent on your purchase

Additional Information

Brand Devault Enterprises
MPN ICD 2000
SKU 9D012
Color Red

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